Are you caring for an elderly family member and feeling completely overwhelmed?

As our loved ones are aging it can be challenging to understand the many programs available to serve the elderly.  Often, family members live out of town and are concerned about their parent’s well-being. Utilizing the skills of a care manager can assist with starting some of those tough conversations, ensuring that families are prepared for the future.

What is Geriatric Social Work?

A social work practice with older adults encompasses a broad range of functions. The primary goal of the social worker is to address the specific challenges of the aging process by promoting independence, autonomy, and dignity in later life.  As a clinical geriatric social worker, Susan is knowledgeable about unique legislation, policies and social programs that affect older adults. She is also trained in understanding the aging process and the issues older adults and their caregivers face. Adept at accessing resources for clients, Susan is a strong advocate who champions clients’ rights.
Susan, as a Master’s level clinical social worker, specializes in work with older adults and their families.  Her background and expertise include: assessment of older adult needs and functional capacity including physical and mental health issues, case and care management, long-term care, elder abuse, quality of life issues, service planning and advance care planning.